With $5M Raise, Iconic Air Launches Carbon Accounting Platform

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With $5M Raise, Iconic Air Launches Carbon Accounting Platform

With $5M Raise, Iconic Air Launches Carbon Accounting Platform 1000 650 I-Corps Hub: Interior Northeast

Three years ago, West Virginia University classmates Kyle Gillis and James Carnes drove over five hours to Ithaca, New York to explore an idea for a carbon reduction solution in an NSF I-Corps regional course hosted by the Upstate New York I-Corps Node (now the Interior Northeast I-Corps Hub). Three months ago, the co-founders closed on a $5 million seed funding round for their startup, Iconic Air.  

Based in Morgantown, West Virginia, Iconic Air represents the future of carbon emission tracking. With the seed funding, Iconic Air has launched its Emissions Intelligence™ carbon accounting platform, which provides a suite of tools to help industries automate, benchmark, and manage the cost of carbon and their carbon footprint – saving companies significant time and money.

“Manually tracking carbon emissions on a spreadsheet is no longer best practice, nor is it scalable, and outsourcing carbon reporting can become an increasingly costly expenditure,” said Gillis, CEO of Iconic Air.

“We are giving energy-intensive industries access to modern, intelligent tools that not only help them comply with new regulations and gain better access to funding, but also provide the types of insights that allow companies to plan for the future and successfully lower their carbon footprint – all while making the tracking process infinitely more efficient.”

Iconic Air aims to partner with companies in industries considered to be heavy carbon emitters, such as oil, gas, and manufacturing. The startup’s SaaS platform leverages machine learning to automate the carbon tracking process and make the journey towards “Net Zero” more manageable for organizations.

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