Regional Courses

NSF I-Corps Regional Courses are for university researchers and early-stage startup founders who are interested in exploring the market potential of their work and learning entrepreneurial skills.

Upcoming Regional Courses

Ag-Corps (Cornell)

December 5, 2022 – January 20, 2023


January 23 – February 22, 2023


February 27 – March 29, 2023

How it works

A regional course is 4.5 weeks long and meetings are virtual, unless otherwise noted. The experience combines self-directed online learning activities, with six Zoom-based class meetings (1-2 hours long), and two 1:1 instructor check ins (15-20 minutes). The goal is to conduct 30 customer discovery interviews. Teams of 1-3 people can apply. Eight to ten teams are selected per class.

During the first two weeks, teams learn how to:

  1. Identify their target customer segments
  2. Develop hypotheses about the value proposition they offer each customer segment
  3. Find and effectively interview potential customers about their problems/needs

Over the following two and a half weeks, teams conduct 30 customer discovery interviews by video or phone conference, and join two check in calls with instructors to share progress and receive coaching.

In the final class, teams present their findings, receive more coaching, learn about other local entrepreneurship programs, and receive information about applying for the national I-Corps Teams program, and SBIR/STTR grants.